Ups and downs of INR

  The numerous intake of antibiotics came to disrupt the already unrully INR. I had to drop the dosage but then my blood started to thicken so much. I had to go to the hospital every single week, then it’s now three weeks. Far from the every two months I started to have before the biopsy.

For the reason the finger prick does not exist anymore and most of us must have a blood test. That’s a needle work I would gladly do without. But that has to be done. I wish we could have a home kit and test our blood and follow a dosage scale. That would be so simple.

Having to go so regularly to the hospital for a blood test is somewhat annoying in the end. Well, my INR is back to normal at last and the dosage of Warfarin has been kept high. Hopefully next time I go it’s ok, that’s in two weeks.

My book was full so I was given a new one and that meant an endless wait for the administration to make it. As I say, INR day is bring a pillow day:) !

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